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Non-Profit 501 (C)(3)

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Our Passion Is To Help Your Nonprofit Succeed.


Let Us Help You Start Your Nonprofit!

Starting a nonprofit takes a big heart, but no matter how invested you are, the process can be tedious and

bewildering. A lot of nonprofits find themselves struggling to get off the ground or generate enough donations to remain open.  JLS can help you launch successfully and stay successful so you can focus on what you are passionate about. We’ll handle the technical stuff behind the curtains.  

What is a 501(c)(3)?

When you’ve begun the process of starting a nonprofit, one of the first questions you encounter is: what is a 501(c)(3), 

and how can it help my organization? When the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recognizes your organization as a 

501(c)(3)tax-exempt entity, the benefits are tremendous.  Having 501(c)(3) status allows your organization to receive donations and tax deductions, and it makes you eligible for grant funding and donations. These are just some of the advantages 501(c)(3)status can offer. Here at JLS, we can help you gain active exempt status with the IRS. We have,

helped thousands of nonprofits move forward successfully. Get the help you need with your IRS 501(c)(3) application preparation from our dedicated nonprofit team.

We help you obtain 501(c)(3) status with the IRS

At JLS, we help you understand what a 501(c)(3) is, and offer dependable 501(c)(3) document preparation for nonprofit organizations at a fair price. If you need help with understanding the requirements to start a nonprofit, our professional team of consultants can help prepare all of the necessary documentation to secure your organization’s tax-exempt status from the IRS. 

Why Choose Us To Prepare Your Form 1023 (1023ez) and Form 3500 (3500a) Documents?

The 501(c)(3) tax exemption process can be extremely complex and difficult to follow. You do not want your

organization to be at risk due to inexperienced volunteers or companies processing your IRS Form 1023/IRS 1023EZ or FTB Form 3500 or 3500a form. If done improperly, the processing of your 501(c)(3) status and 501(c)(3) application can be delayed for months. Moreover, we work fast to get quick approval for your nonprofit organization.  Allow our skilled consultants to complete the necessary documents for your nonprofit. It is our mission to help  you, help others in whichever manner we professionally can, including understanding what a 501(c)(3) is, 501(c)(3) status, and 501(c)(3) application.​ We understand that this process can be difficult, and you may need assistance starting a nonprofit, especially with limited funding. Accordingly, we offer affordable solutions to help you get started and move forward. 

Our Services Include the preparation of the following Documents:

Articles of Incorporation

Statement of Information

Certificate of Good Standing


Minutes Forms

Federal Tax ID(EIN)

Federal Tax Exemption Letter

State Tax Exemption Letter

Attorney General Charity Registration 

Deluxe Organizer 

Official Corporate Seal

Membership Certificates

 Your nonprofit documents will be presented to you in a leather binder embossed with the nonprofit’s name and complete with a corporate seal. We take care of everything to form your 501(c)(3) nonprofit from start to finish.


Key steps to start a nonprofit 501(c)(3):

Elect a Board of Directors and Officers​

Recruit & Train a Fundraising Team

Develop a Strategic Plan

Develop Marketing Strategies

Develop a Website

Develop a Corporate Sponsorship Program

Develop a Grant Solicitation Strategy

Develop Board of Directors Duties

Develop Organizational Policy Handbook


JLS is your reliable partner when you want to know what steps are needed to make your organization a 501(c)(3)

tax-exempt entity. 

Ready to start your Nonprofit 501(c)(3)?  

Contact us at one of the following locutions to schedule an appointment:

Los Angeles County  (310) 348-7218 

Riverside County (951) 703-9043

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