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Estate Planning 

It is a good idea to have an estate plan. A living trust can be a part of this and is a valuable part of estate planning. One can make managing assets easier should the estate owner become ill, disabled, or less able to manage the estate due to age. A detailed plan can avoid estate litigation or at the very least provide a blueprint for managing or distributing assets to intended beneficiaries.

Estate planning can ensure the decedent’s wishes are carried out. It also helps minimize issues that complicate the probate process. When the fine details are laid out in the will, it’s less likely that heirs will file lawsuits or potential beneficiaries are overlooked in the probate process. Even if you have a spouse with a right of survivorship, an estate plan can be created; Our estate planning team 

can assist you in determining the best options.

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Start your business with confidence. Whether you’re ready to form an LLC on your own—or want advice every step of the way—we’ve got your back.

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Non-Profit 501(C)(3)

Starting a nonprofit takes a big heart, but no matter how invested you are, the process can be tedious and bewildering. A lot of nonprofits find themselves struggling to get off the ground or generate enough donations to remain open.  JLS 

can help you launch successfully and stay successful so you can focus on what you are passionate about. We’ll handle the technical stuff behind the curtains.  

When you’ve begun the process of starting a nonprofit, one of the first questions you encounter is: what is a 501(c)(3), and how can it help my organization? When the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recognizes your organization as a 

501(c)(3)tax-exempt entity, the benefits are tremendous.

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Whether you need to set up a C-Corporation or an S-Corporation, we take care of everything to form your new business entity. From start to finish, JLS Consulting Services handles all of the aspects of your corporation formation with the Secretary of State.

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The procedure where an adult is appointed by the Court to oversee and be responsible for the personal care and/or assets of a child when the parents are unavailable or unable to do so. There is a lot of documentation and procedures that must be followed without error in a guardianship case.

Our job is to make the process easiest for you. We do more than just prepare the documents to establish a legal guardianship. Except for the documents that the court will mail out to obtain information from employers, schools and character references, we will send notification to all the parties who are required to be notified of the matter by mail and we will provide proof to the court. Prior to the hearing, we will check with the court to make sure everything is in place so your time isn’t wasted and you have legal authority to take care of your loved one.

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The court procedure where an adult is appointed by the Probate Court to oversee and be responsible for the personal care and/or finances and assets of another adult who is incapable of managing alone. Conservatorships can be petitioned at the court for adults of 18 years old up to any age. Not all situations are the same so conservatorships are petitioned for different reasons. Some common reasons why conservatorships are filed are as follows:

  • A developmentally disabled minor who is turning 18

  • A parent or spouse who is losing their mental capacity due to dementia or Alzheimer’s

  • A spouse or family member who has suffered brain injuries or other injuries preventing them from giving informed consent

  • An adult child who is under extreme influence or control of drugs or alcohol

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Dealing with the divorce court in California can be tricky. The dissolution process is very technical. Especially, when you have been married for an extended period, have minor children or both. Superior Court Docs prepares all manner of divorce court documents at our client’s direction. We provide fast, accurate and affordable divorce court document preparation. 


Our dissolution document preparation services cater to the undeserved as well as the privileged. Ending a marriage is never easy but worrying about the expense of ending a marriage properly is a menacing thought. 

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