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We listen to what's important to you, so that we can help tailor services to your specific needs.When you choose JLS, you will be helped by a team of qualified and friendly, professionals.Years of successful business experience allows us to run an efficient and competitive office. What that means to you is that our team of professional volunteers will assist in handling your documents promptly and correctly; your messages will be returned quickly; and you will be treated with respect.Completed legal paperwork without the costly fees of an attorney. We can assist remotely, in office, or even in the comfort of your home.


Our Vision is to provide the highest quality of service while treating our clients with respect, compassion and understanding. To provide expedient, professional service in an effective and efficient manner. To achieve 100% client satisfaction by giving each individual personalized attention and low cost service; ensuring that our clients leave our office feeling comfortable and well taken care of.

JLS Consulting & Legal Services was founded in an effort to offer people no-cost to low-cost legal document preparation, and to give people economical access to the preparations of legal documents. We believe that all people deserve valuable, professional and honest service. JLS Consulting & Legal Services has been assisting clients in Southern California for more than 30 years. Our team is committed to providing you with top notch legal document preparation services.We approach every client with a focus on integrity, advocacy, and understanding. We prepare and file legal documents accurately and correctly prepared on your behalf at your direction. We can also provide you with attorney-authored or approved information, guides and books; however, we cannot provide legal advice. Our services are not meant to replace an attorney. Our team consist of  Professional Volunteers, Legal Document Assistants, Paralegals, Notary, Real Estate Agents and Credit Repair Consultants. 


Monica R. Smith

Monica has over 30 years of legal experience. After working with various law firms in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Century City, she noticed there was a need for people in her community; that could not afford the services of high profile attorneys.  After seeing a women begging one of the attorney's to assist her with paperwork and when he told her the price the lady just cried.... At that moment,  Monica knew she had to do something. Monica decided to start a nonprofit organization that would assist individuals with preparing and  filing out legal documents at no cost to low cost. Monica's passion to assist her community has grown as far as Southern California, Las Vegas, Arizona, and Louisiana. She has helped well over 1000 people and that number continues to rise, her passion and love for her community is what drives her.  

Monica is not an attorney and cannot provide and legal advice. Monica can only prepare legal forms, provide general published factual information written and approved by an attorney and file and serve legal forms and documents as specifically directed by the people she assist. Monica cannot represent anyone in court.

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